Welcome to my WordPress blog for 2017. While I’ve long had a professional website for my consulting business at WordImage.com, this is my personal website where family, friends, acquaintances, and associates can follow me. AND, this free WordPress blog is my replacement for Facebook, which I’m leaving after a short transition here.

I hope that you’ll Follow Me as a WordPress user or bookmark this page to get regular updates about me: David Skarjune. I’ll add more ways to interact, just leave a Comment at the bottom of this post, if you want to keep in touch, or need some help with that. I won’t be pontificating on the news and politics, I won’t be selling you stuff, and I won’t dive into deep tech topics. I’ll just post short stories about my life and times, a simple timeline with everyday stuff, a little like what Facebook used to be. But first, let me make clear why I’ve moved away from Facebook, and why you too should consider leaving.


The world wide web was built as a freely distributed global network in 1991, and over the past 26 years it’s become a primary communications channel for most people on the planet, along with other communications systems using the Internet. Now, half the world’s population has access to the Internet and the web, and the numbers continue to grow. The Internet and web are a common utility, such that no matter what carrier or device you happen to have, you have access to an enormous range of information and systems. It’s important to keep this free network open and active.



The power and reach of the Internet and web is fantastic, except for the growing problems that threaten the basic concept of a network that allows for the free expression and distribution of information. Censorship, Control, Ownership, and Propaganda threaten the very nature of this critical medium, which is Freedom. Rather than argue against how everybody’s on Facebook and you can’t fight that along with all the fake news and endless ads, I’ll just remind that America Online was once the same thing—a walled garden that controlled your web experience apart from the rest of the world wide web, which is free and open.


No, Internet access is not free, nor are smart phones. When we consider the Freedom provided by the Internet and web we say:

Free as in Speech, not as in Beer!

fwd-pint-of-beer-for-beijing-creamThe Internet and web rely upon Free Software, thanks to a visionary named Richard Stallman who created a movement with the GNU General Public License (GPL) in 1989, as the web was being invented, that redefined how software could be licensed and distributed. Think about the free songs you get on the web, the free videos you watch, the free services you can try out—and then thank the day the Stallman decided to turn the Internet on it’s head to provide a path to the future we enjoy today.

Let’s Go!

You can join this movement right now, for free! Just visit WordPress.com and click Get Started for a free account and you’ll be blogging on the World Wide Web in short order. Disclaimer: I’m a proud contributor to the WordPress project, and we run 27% of the web with our free Open Source software—not just the blogs here at WordPress.com, but some of the biggest websites in the world including Time, New York Post, Fortune, Rolling Stone, and many others are powered by WordPress software.


You say you prefer Twitter or Instagram or whatever social media works for you? No problem, WordPress can embed them, and WordPress plays well when reposted on other systems. Why just jump to my Twitter feed on the left, and you see what I mean.


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