May everyone have a safe and peaceful Fourth of July. In the United States we celebrate this Independence Day to remember that this country rejected a tyrannical King as overlord, and we also that recognize that all people have inalienable rights and that the people as a whole can form a government based upon principles that go beyond mere politics.

Today in our country, we witness leaders threatening to shut down government, we see leaders attacking programs that we have built upon a consensus of what serves the people as a whole over decades of political compromise, and we struggle in a political climate of hate, lies, and inaction that betrays the philosophical principles of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” for all people.

No one person, political party, or system of belief can “Make America Great Again.” America is a great country when we stand together beyond the divisions of race, creed, and party that can threaten to tear a people apart. Even more, if we cannot stand together with other free people in all countries for the natural rights of all citizens everywhere, we have failed to practice the philosophy that we preach.

Too often we feel that all we can do is either turn our backs on the headlines of the day, or take sides in what is called “fake news” versus “real news.” Too often we turn our backs on our own communities as we look for some greater good somewhere else.

Today, stand with your neighbors, respect all who come into your community, and reach out to others in their communities. We’re not all the same peoples, but we are all people sharing the common good of our land. If we all might remember and respect being American, we can let our worst fears subside and we can Let America Be Great and carry us all forward.


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